Life is Short - Leave a Legacy

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La Vida Es Corta, Deja Un Legado

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Todd White


It was an incredible honor for me to help publish Todd White’s very first book and the first written account of the raw, full, detailed story of his amazing journey. Todd is a dear personal friend and is easily one of the most effective evangelists I’ve ever met. I have seen firsthand, behind the scenes, how he exudes passion for the lost. Evangelism is not an occupation to him—it is his lifestyle 24/7. His life is an example of obedience, hunger for God, and love for people. He is an inspiration to me and everyone who meets him. This book is packed full of the Word of God and firsthand examples of its power when put into action by a willing vessel. I believe, as you read through the pages of Todd’s story, God is going to speak to you personally and help you to leave a legacy and to impact eternity for the glory of God.

Daniel Kolenda

I’ve known my friend and author Todd White for many years. And while I can say he has truly matured, he has not grown out of his passion for Jesus. It’s tragic that some consider living without passion to be maturity. If anything, Todd’s love for God is stronger now than in his early years. I’m also happy to be able to say that his love for Jesus can be measured by his love for people. He is continually moved with compassion for others. And I, for one, have been profoundly marked by his example in following Jesus with his whole heart. This wonderful book, Life is Short—Leave a Legacy, is his story of absolute surrender. This is a powerfully written testimony of the love of a good Father and His unending pursuit to see men and women set free for the honor of the name of Jesus. As you read this book, prepare your heart. Transformation and change are inevitable.

Bill Johnson

Todd White holds back nothing of his drama-filled life that went from deep darkness to a dazzling light in his love for Jesus. I’m honored to know him as my friend, as a man of God, both on and off stage, on continents and on islands in the Pacific. Millions have caught his contagious love for Jesus. You too will be impacted by his story, as I have been, when you read his book.

Loren Cuningham

Todd White’s life can best be described as a walking, breathing billboard for the vicarious atoning work of Christ. His passion for Jesus and reaching the lost stands second to none. This book is not a must read; it is a must do!

Samuel Rodriguez

If you’ve ever heard Todd White speak, you know he is passionate about his walk with the Lord. That same passion is evident on every page of this book as he shares the amazing testimony of how God led him from a life of drugs and immorality to a life of enthusiastic devotion to Him. I love to hear the stories of Todd’s Spirit-led evangelism everywhere he goes, and I’m so glad to count him as a friend. I know you’ll be encouraged as you read through this book.

Robert Morris

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